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The flight was booked using Delta miles 40K x 4 from IAD to

Posted by admin on March 2, 2014 in Blog

Vincenzo514 u

8 points submitted 1 month agoYes I have roughly $30k/month I put on for work expenses. Add to that fact Fake Designer Bags that my job puts me in places I want to travel anyway 5 6 replica handbags china times/year and will always fly my wife (and sometimes kids) on their nickel to extend my work trips.Example, I’m in Alaska next month for 11 days “work” consists of a 2 day conference. wholesale replica designer handbags Wife coming along. Not having to use a single point. On the flip side, replica bags I have a family of 4 so when I do travel on points, it’s quite costly.I’ve had the opportunity to go Fake Handbags elsewhere and make more. But flexibility outweighs money for me by a mile at this point in my life. Walmart is not taking responsibility for it and its Wholesale Replica Bags too late to issue a chargeback through Chase.Lesson learned: never store GC on any apps.UPDATE: After numerous calls with Chase they told me that GCs are not covered under any purchase protection because they are treated the same as cash or debit cards. So be warned, if your GCs are Replica Handbags lost or stolen, they will most likely deny your claim.nameisjae 1 point submitted 2 months agoJust booked Cancun Hyatt for 5 nights using Chase UR points. It will cost 50K a night for 5 nights totaling 250K. It was cheaper this way than going through the Chase travel portal since the site wanted to charge $1400 in taxes and fees plus 39K MR a night. The flight was booked using Delta miles 40K x 4 from IAD to CUN totaling 160K and $384 in fees and taxes, which I used Delta E Gift to cover $250 of that. This is my first big redemption using miles/points after a year of churning. Any advice out there for those who have been to Ziva Hyatt Cancun? Thanks.Vincenzo514 13 points submitted 4 months agoFYI to everyone Delta is pricing flights to Nassau at 14,000 SkyMiles per person. Just booked two roundtrip flights for 28,000 replica handbags online plus about $200 in taxes for mid April. Make sure to use the flexible dates tool. It looks to be pricing March through May. I only tried a couple of airports but each one had some 14,000 rt pricing.Edit: It looks like this discounted pricing is also showing for other Caribbean destinations. I was able to find discounted flights to KnockOff Handbags PUJ, SKB, GCM. Good luck out there!Edit 2: Found Designer Fake Bags even more destinations, BDA, UVF Replica Bags Wholesale and that just out of my small regional airport! I would yet any Caribbean destination at this point. I did not find anything for aaa replica designer handbags Mexico.nuhertz5 Chase Biz and Disney Connoisseur 2 points submitted 4 months agoDoes anyone have any insight on pet friendly hotels bookable on points? Specifically I cheap replica handbags looking for a beach hotel in Florida for us and the in laws. They have a high quality replica handbags small dog we would bring with us.I asked on award travel, and didn get any decent input.In my research I found La Quinta and purse replica handbags Kimpton are generally pet friendly, but I unable to see either in the UR portal. Kimpton may be bookable with IHG points later this year, but nothing right now.I have Marriott, SPG, UR, MR to spend, but can really find much that isn just “Pet replica Purse Friendly”, which essentially means we allow pets for Replica Bags a Designer Replica Bags $50 100 fee, but only in your room and supervised. 21 points submitted 4 months agoI know the general mantra of this Handbags Replica sub is “Earn and burn,” but sometimes it just so difficult to pull the trigger and burn points. So far I haven used a Replica Designer Handbags single UR point for anything (almost 100k SWRR though, and a good bit of Marriott, SPG, and Hyatt), but now I looking at using around 50k UR to book 3 nights at Hyatt Ziva Cabo and snorkeling with whale sharks there. Both of these things will be incredible, probably the nicest hotel I ever stayed in, a trip I super excited for. And I obviously earned these points with the intent of using them on stuff like this. But it still so hard to just do it! They my babies, and I put in a good bit of work to get all 500k of them.

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