Are tattooed girls more promiscuous?

Posted by admin July 18, 2018

Men are looking at sexy girls all of the time but do they look at a girl who has visible tattoos and are they making the assumption that she is going to be easier? Apparently, many men believe this, but why? When anyone decides on getting inked unless they are dedicating the tattoo to someone, the love of their life, or a child, or their mother, then they are doing it for themselves.

They are expressing a part of themselves that they feel has previously not been clearly expressed. The theory is that by making this passion for body art an extension of themselves that it seems to also affect their sensuality and passionate expression in the boudoir! That this moves to embrace their total liberation includes their sexual liberation too.

If you think about how sexy an escort in Chester is as a general rule maybe it means that you need to start asking about whether the girl you are booking has been tattooed as well!! Personally, we are not convinced that by an escort in Chester deciding to express her personal confidence by getting some artistic body tattoos, she is fundamentally changed in the way her personality somehow takes on a wilder sensuality…………It seems unlikely but we would be delighted if any of the clients who have a love of statistics wants to take on some personal research amongst these sexy Chester escorts, both those who are tattooed and those that are not and report on their findings to the community reading these blogs!!

Much research is already being done into the question of inked girls in general and questionnaires given to both male and female participants reveal that those girls bearing tattoos are thought to be happy to have casual relationships not looking for commitment, less choosy about their partners and having a higher drive for sensual encounters.

BUT, these comments were not seen as making her necessarily more promiscuous! So, the jury is out and perhaps after all it comes down to personal preference and as long as you are able to find sexy escorts in Chester who turn you on, let’s not be judgmental and make assumptions. Next time you are enjoying the time and companionship of one of the passionate Chester escorts maybe take a moment to ask her what her thoughts are on the subject……if you have time!